We have sold several car washes in the past and I frequently get requests from investors looking for car wash properties in Raytown and Kansas City. Here are some of the ones currently on the market.

Disclaimer: These listings are from other listing sources and may contain listings not being marketed by Turn-Key Properties LLC. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
I know its not Raytown related, but many from Raytown love Lawrence, KS and I just launched this new site for an amazing horse farm in Lawrence, KS on Clinton Lake at Rockhaven Park.

Please take a look I'm pretty proud of the new site.

I am frequently contacted by persons looking for a location for a church site. Many either have an existing church that has outgrown its current location or some are simply looking to start a new church.

In any case I thought I'd upload some information on listings that might fit that need. Please click on the files below for more information about some of the sites in the Kansas City and Raytown area.

If you are interested please feel free to contact us at 816-313-8876

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