The new IHOP at 350 Hwy & Raytown Rd will open Monday July 25 from 7:00 a.m. to midnight. We are very excited to have a new restaurant in Raytown. Hopefully more will follow.

I would love to see an Italian or Greek restaurant come to Raytown.  (we had an Italian restaurant but the owner couldn't keep it in his pants) .... Ya know what I'm sayin'! Drivin' around in his hot rod-a sports-car, he had a great-a restorante but his libido got him into trouble. Stronzo puttane e ha perso il suo business e famiglia

But for the time being we will be satiated with imitation blueberry syrup and hot griddle cakes served up by a foreign exchange student and an Indian boss.

How do you get that little mark thing over the "E"?

So here's your new menu Raytown:
7/20/2011 01:57:01 pm

thatsa some funny stuff there now gumba!


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